Monday, April 04, 2016

New Hundred People Search

We are starting a new year in the HPS calendar!!!! So, what is the Hundred People Search? It's an HPS Network challenge to find everyone possible with HPS and help to make sure they have an accurate diagnosis if they need it. H.P.S. - Hundred People Search. 

Last year the Network changed its focus for the year to concentrate on building a better infrastructure for research. We have been working on opening the Young Lung Centers in hopes that someday, should another drug or treatment trial become available, we can fill it faster and thus get treatments to people with HPS faster. 

This year, we are turning our focus back to finding people with HPS. We do not, however, have much budget for this effort. The centers cost money. We are going to need the help of everyone to do outreach and to find others who may need a diagnosis, or who have one, but might not be aware of everything happening in HPS research etc. 

So, we are kicking off the year with two new HPSers added to the patient registry. This puts us at 98 to go on this year's Hundred People Search. 

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