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Settling in….finding the new normal

My dad and his wife have been gone a few days now and gradually Fin and I are working into the rhythm of a new normal. I think it might take months to find a home for everything. If I did nothing but put things away, it would probably be finished in a few days, but I have so much else to do! There is so much ahead that if I think about it, it is just overwhelming. So, I’ve been putting tasks on small note cards. I pull one out, work on it until it is finished, and then enjoy the satisfaction of ripping up the card. It might not be a permanent ritual, but it is working for now.

My allergies have been horrible! My eyes water. My nose is stuffy and running. I’m coughing again. I itch from head to toe. I’ve been truly ill in my life, and I’m here to tell you allergies can make you down right miserable! The four allergy medications and three inhalers I’m using to keep things manageable do an okay job, but I’m not sure if that’s because they help, or if they just make me so tired and loopy …

We Are Here! Settling in Arlington

This past month has been nothing short of a saga rolled into an odyssey. I have so much to blog about it isn’t even funny! I had wanted to blog along the way, but by the time I finished the move-related tasks of the day, I was simply too tired.

Part of the move I didn’t want to blog about until we were through it because being public about it, or publicly critical in any way, could have jeopardized the people who were trying to quietly help me.

So, needless to say, I have a lot of stories to tell. But, for right now, I just want to post to say Fin and I are well and safely in our new apartment in Arlington Va. The apartment, as I expected, is very small – just 540 square feet. It is the size of the apartment I lived in when I was first in Kansas City. The problem is back then I was 22ish, and owned almost nothing. Now, I’m 41 going on 42 and I have stuff! I gave a LOT of things away as I was leaving, had various charities come to get bags and boxes of things, as well as furniture. Mom…