Thursday, May 21, 2015

Settling in….finding the new normal

My dad and his wife have been gone a few days now and gradually Fin and I are working into the rhythm of a new normal. I think it might take months to find a home for everything. If I did nothing but put things away, it would probably be finished in a few days, but I have so much else to do! There is so much ahead that if I think about it, it is just overwhelming. So, I’ve been putting tasks on small note cards. I pull one out, work on it until it is finished, and then enjoy the satisfaction of ripping up the card. It might not be a permanent ritual, but it is working for now.

My allergies have been horrible! My eyes water. My nose is stuffy and running. I’m coughing again. I itch from head to toe. I’ve been truly ill in my life, and I’m here to tell you allergies can make you down right miserable! The four allergy medications and three inhalers I’m using to keep things manageable do an okay job, but I’m not sure if that’s because they help, or if they just make me so tired and loopy I don’t care anymore.

This is not a phenomenon unique to Virginia. Ever since I was a small child, and no matter where we lived, I go through this every May to mid-June. Just when I think I can’t live like this anymore and am willing to start trying something more drastic, the allergies greatly improve and we’re through them for another year.

Today it is raining and I hope that the gentle soothing rain will help to pound down the pollen.

Fin and I would like to do more exploring in the neighborhood, but the allergies are preventing long and not-entirely-necessary adventures from home. He is doing much better and seems to be adjusting, but I know he needs longer walks – especially now that he doesn’t have a back porch to sniff and guard.

Perhaps the rain will give us a respite this afternoon. We are both hoping.

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