Monday, October 05, 2015

Host an HPS Christmas Party!!!

The HPS Network hosts an annual Christmas Concert fundraiser in Oyster Bay the first weekend in December. This year families with HPS from around the world can join the holiday fundraising efforts by signing up to host an HPS Christmas Concert event of their own! 

A professional broadcast quality DVD of the concert in Oyster Bay will be produced and ready to ship out by Dec. 9th. The DVD can be played at a fundraising event anywhere during the holiday season. If you let the HPS Network know you are planning an event by Nov. 24th, we will put a shout out recognition to your group on the DVD. 

In the past HPS families have done things such as: 
Host a Christmas tree decorating party while playing the concert. A basket for donations was simply placed at the front door. 
A children’s hot chocolate party. The DVD was played for the children while they sipped hot chocolate. The kids brought spare change to put in a jar at the event. 

Make it easy and simple, or get creative! When your event is complete, simply send the proceeds to the HPS Network office. Call (516) 922 4022 with the name of your event and your location. Give us your address as well so we can ship the DVD to you.

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