Sunday, March 29, 2015

Move update: Trying very hard not to lose my mind

The move saga continues. Finding an apartment in Arlington has proven to be a huge job. It would be easier if I were moving like a normal person. The options would be wider. Instead, I’m trying to find an apartment in a very specific price range to qualify for a housing grant. I need something Ryan can get to if he needs to and it can’t have too many stairs (although some are okay.) And then there’s the laundry. I’m trying to get something with a laundry in the building somewhere. I think finding one with a unit in the apartment just isn’t going to happen in my price range.

I think I am going to have to go ahead and go to Arlington and put all my things in storage. This has been pretty upsetting for several reasons. First, it just adds more cost to the move. Second, it means Finley will have to go to my mom. If he doesn’t get shipped soon it will be too hot for it to be safe to ship him.

I have no doubt my mom will do a great job of caring for him, but I hate so much to be parted from him. And then there are all the hours we have spent on his helper dog training! Not using it for too long will set this process back. Plus, it adds the hassle of the whole thing.

Everything would be so much smoother if I could do this move door-to-door, but the thing is I need to get there. I’m very lucky I am doing as well as I am. This could last for years, or it could change on a dime. I’d feel so much better if I were there!

Not having this resolved just causes me so much stress! I’m trying not to be stressed, but easier said than done!

On the progress front, the Salvation Army came and got the couch, two desks and a chair I don’t plan to move. This leaves me with only one living room chair to sit on. I have the table chairs, but they aren’t exactly built for comfort. Finley and I are spending a lot of time sitting on the floor or in the bed! Grin!

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