Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Move update, and prayer request

Okay, so have you been wondering what is happening with my plans to move? Me too! Grin! So, here’s the current plan, but keep in mind originally I was trying to move by July, so the plan changes.

I should be all cleared to move from a medical standpoint by mid-February. I have found an apartment complex that seems to be an answer to all of my prayers – now if a unit will just become available when I need it!

The complex is within walking distance of Ryan and Sara’s house, so it would be so much easier for them to come over and help when I need it. That is a HUGE plus! It is also a Fin friendly place so that won’t be a problem. It is also close to a grocery store, a CVS, a Petco, a Starbucks and a Thai restaurant. What else could a girl want? It is not close to the metro, but it is right on a bus line that goes to the metro. Since I am not doing a daily commute, I think right now being close to Ryan’s house and things like the pharmacy and grocery are more important.

The trick, and thus the prayer request, is that a unit will become open for any time after mid-March on the ground or first floor. Stairs are not my friend these days. I don’t like thinking of God like some kind of wish granting genie. My prayers are usually more along the lines of help for me to deal with whatever is God’s will – but honestly, I must confess, I’m praying for this. To get something lined up and to be able to firm up the plans from there would be so helpful just now.

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