Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Christmas in Kansas

This past Christmas will probably be my last Christmas in Kansas. It was a much understated affair – grin! Honestly, it was a nice day, even though we didn’t have a big tree, lots of decorations and presents or a huge meal. My Christmas tree was on its last legs several years ago, so it was one of the items pitched in the big purge to move. I gave away almost all of my Christmas decorations. I’m just not sure that when I get to Virginia, I’m going to have a place to store them.

Mom was here, however, with Gerda, her dachshund. We just spent a few days together just visiting, playing with the dogs, and watching movies. Things have been so hectic and up in the air. I’ve just gotten over a horrible sinus infection. It was actually quite a wonderful thing to have nothing that had to be done right away. I unplugged from the Internet for a few days and just enjoyed some peaceful time with mom.

Finley got a squirrel for Christmas. We have so many squirrels around our apartment complex because we have a lot of trees. Looking out the window and watching the squirrels and the birds is like dog TV for Finley. He spends hours transfixed watching out the windows. If one should happen to venture onto his porch, or stand on the fence, Finley goes bananas.

At night Finley dreams in his sleep. He moves his legs, wags his tail and even “talks” in his sleep making these little growl and bark sounds. I imagine that he’s dreaming about those birds and squirrels on his porch, and what he might do to them if he caught one. In reality, I imagine he wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them if he were lucky enough to catch one!

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