Monday, December 01, 2014

Finley the helper dog

Yesterday I posted some short video clips on facebook of Finley helping me find the telephone. I spend more energy hunting for my phone! It blends in so easily because it's a dark color. If I call it to find it, I don't always find it before it has switched over to the machine. Finley can't bring me the phone because it is too big for him to get his mouth around, but perhaps I'll find a way to overcome that. In the meantime, I've just been teaching him what the word "phone" is by using a handset that has died and putting it in his toy basket with all of his other treasures. I'm a proud mama, but he learned this trick quickly. Granted, he gets it right more often when we are doing obedience training and he knows I have treats in my pocket, but he's getting better at finding it the rest of the time too. I have to remember, however, that if I am not going to get up to put the phone back on it's cradle, that I must leave it low enough for him to find it. (Or to get up on the couch or the chair and see it when he's looking.) If I leave it on the kitchen counter, for example, he won't see it. 

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