Thursday, August 07, 2014

Health Update: What is the plan?

This is just a short update. I know that everyone in my life, and all of the generous people who have helped to raise money for my lung transplant, are wondering – what is the plan? So, the update is there is no new news yet. I am waiting on some answers that could greatly impact the move schedule. I thought we would have heard back by now, but it is taking longer than expected.

This journey is such a roller coaster. I get anxious about all that is on my mind and not being able to answer everyone’s questions about when I will move. You’d think after years of living with HPS and waiting on test results that could dramatically alter your life over and over again, I’d be good at this waiting thing. I’m not so good. I think I’m doing a bit better, but it’s more exhaustion over being anxious than true master coping skills – grin!!!!

So, for now, we just wait.

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