Thursday, August 21, 2014

Health Update: Plugging along

I haven’t posted an update in a bit. It’s been super busy and honestly, I just have days where I can barely keep my head above water and do what absolutely must get done that day.

All and all I am doing well.

I started a new medication and am hopeful it will help with some of this. It does take a bit for your body to adjust to it though. Some people have no issues, while others get side-effect symptoms. I’ve had some of those issues, but really can’t say for sure if they are related to the medication. For example, I’ve had stomach upset and some nausea, but then again with my gastrointestinal issues, I go through times when I have that already. It’s hard to say if it is related or just bad timing. Either way, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t so bad that I can’t cope with it. The biggest issue isn’t even so much the stomach upset as it is the getting up every 40 minutes or so all night to go to the bathroom. A few nights of that really wears a person out! Grin! Today I’m having some mild tummy issues, but the bigger problem is I’m just tired. It makes it hard to focus and concentrate well. I find the fatigue also makes me forgetful.

Thankfully, I go through a few days of this with each increase in the medication, and then things seem to level out. That makes me think it might be related to the medication. If so, I just have one more increase to go and then hopefully, we’ll be over this little speed bump and on to the next one.

Thanks again to all of you who are offering support and who have helped with my fundraising for the move and the transplant. I started holding off on some of my thank you notes because I wanted to be able to give an update about the plan when I was thanking people. Now, I can get back to that. Grin!

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