Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10th Successful HPS Lung Transplant

I was overjoyed to read yesterday about the 10th HPS lung transplant I am aware of, and even better, it was a success. It was reported in the Deccan Chronicle in India. Of course, when we talk about number of transplants done, we can only report the ones we know about. How easily we might not have known about this one. 

Having a registry and staying in touch with the Network to share this sort of information is so important! Every successful HPS transplant will make it easier for all the other HPSers eagerly waiting for their new lungs. I am hoping that somehow, some way, we will be able to track down this patient and talk to him about his life. 

I want to know how he does with the new lungs. I want to know if he ever took Pirfenidone since it is available in India. I want him to know there are more than a thousand of us out here who would like to be his personal cheerleaders. You can read the article at: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/130909/news-current-affairs/article/rare-genetic-lung-condition-treated

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