Friday, October 26, 2012

In memory of Maria

This week the HPS community lost another friend and advocate. Maria Gonzalez passed away in Puerto Rico. Maria was not awaiting a lung transplant. She passed away at home with her family. She was 51 years old. 

Maria did all that she could to help her HPS family. Even on hospice and pretty much restricted to bed, she was calling her HPS friends in Puerto Rico and encouraging them to come to the Puerto Rico conference. She was asking the HPS Network office for brochures so she could give them to the nurses that came to care for her. 

She was a dear friend to many. 

The one memory that will forever be in my mind about Maria was seeing her at the 2011 conference in New York. The theme was "The Academy Awards." Maria planned for the event. She had a special dress and made a grand entrance, oxygen and all, just like a movie star. This is a photo of that moment. It's the way I will remember her. She's beaming ear to ear! 

I am so glad that we got a chance to visit her  while in Puerto Rico. 

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