Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yep, it’s true, I’m a trekkie

Last night I wasn’t feeling all that great. I decided to give up trying to be productive and succumb to the wishes of my body. I was going to get some rest. When I’m trying to relax, it isn’t uncommon for me to put something on Netflix and either watch it, or sometimes just listen to it. 

One of my favorites, besides historical dramas, is Star Trek. I’ve seen every episode of every series at least once, some more than that. Still, when I want to kick back, I’m still drawn to rewatching them. I’m not really a science fiction junkie, but there’s just something different about Star Trek. 

Perhaps it’s the striving for a sort of utopia life. It’s a life where everyone is valued and everyone contributes according to their talents. It isn’t devoid of finances or privilege, but they are in a reasonable balance. Technology has overcome a lot, but not everything. Still, the goal is to respect differences and live in harmony. Sounds pretty idealistic, but the plots are what do it for me. They generally revolve around trying their best to achieve this balance. 

Last night panic struck! I went to watch Star Trek Voyager, and suddenly it was missing from Netflix. Missing! How could that be? I watched it three days ago. My heart sank. Had Netflix lost the ability to show my favorite shows? Disaster! 

Thankfully, it was simply an error. For now, my little retreats into a better future are safe. Whew! 

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