Monday, July 16, 2012

Health Update

Today I had my heart test. I'm really pleased and excited to say that, for now, it looks like I don't have pulmonary hypertension. I'm still at risk for this, as many with pulmonary fibrosis are, but for now, we're in the clear. I was getting increasingly worried about this, so am really happy that this is one additional problem I don't have to manage right now. Yippee! 

Sometimes living with HPS feels like living with a ticking bomb in your body that could start to cause major problems at any moment. This would have been another additional problem ticking away - so I'm grateful that for now, we don't have to worry! 


Kathryn said...

Heather, this IS great news. I will pray that the Lord give you strength. I could really relate to your "ticking bomb" analogy. You almost don't know whether to say "yes" to something for fear that you'll have to back out due to health issues.

Heather Kirkwood said...

I can totally relate to that. It's so frustrating because it makes you seem unreliable, when you're not!