Sunday, May 13, 2012

More pics from the HPS Conference

 We are always trying to figure out how to make our conference more low vision friendly. One problem when you don't see well is you can't see the person across the room talking. Our dream team young adult technology crew came up with the idea of using a camera to film the person talking, and throw it up on the wall larger. It worked okay - needs some tweaking. They are so clever! 
 Attendees in the "Family Album" circle Saturday morning. 
 Dr. Ishii from Japan. He comes with Kyoko, who has HPS and leads the HPS group in Japan. 
 And a little dancing......
 These photos are totally out of order - and I didn't take this one - I think Christian, Mervin's brother, did. It's off of the patio of the Appell apartment in Manhattan. 
A view from our walking around the city in NYC. 

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