Wednesday, May 02, 2012

More pics from the HPS Conference

 Kyoko, Waleska and Kyoko's doctor, Dr. Ishii - Kyoko is an HPS'er from Japan. She's come to our conference for several years now. The language barrier is huge, but it just goes to show how much it means to spend time with people like you, especially when you're so rare and can sometimes feel so isolated. Waleska comes to the conference from Switzerland. 
 The HPS gang visiting Ground Zero in NYC. 
 It's our friend Yeidyly! Yeidyly is one of those HPS'ers that is a perfect example of how those with HPS can look very different. We aren't all blonde! 
 The HPS gang at Ground Zero
Part of the gang posing for the group photo at conference! 

These photos came from a variety of HPS'ers. Sadly, I got them a little mixed up and am not sure who's is who's. The photo credits certainly are not mine! 

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