Tuesday, May 29, 2012

American Thoracic Society 2012

I'll post a full story about this later. I've been a bit under the weather since I got home. I thought it was allergies, but now, I think it's something more. I'm debating about whether to go to the doc or not. I know, I know, I should got, but now it's been days and I keep thinking surely we're coming to the end of this crud! It needs to get better quick though! I'm back out on the road very shortly! 

In the meantime, let the picture parade begin! (You all know how I am about my camera!) 

As you see from the video below, the girls got creative while we were waiting for the booth to open. The ATS Center was located across from our booth. One of the guys in the booth put on some sunglasses and started dancing as they were practicing, so we headed over to give him a performance! These pics are the girls singing to the ATS booth staff, and Donna dancing! I got off easy - I had the camera! The power of the camera! 

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