Saturday, April 14, 2012

Knitting therapy

Recently I’ve taken up a new hobby – knitting. It’s thanks to the wonderful suggestion of another HPS friend, Claire. 

Honestly, repetitive tasks that don’t require much thought have never really been of much interest to me. But lately, I find that very thing incredibly soothing. You can do it anywhere – unlike my painting hobbies. You can take it to a waiting room while you wait for the doctor, or carry it with you on a trip and do it on an airplane. Soon I hope to post some photos of some of the things I’ve knitted. 

Perhaps it’s anxiety that makes a repeating task so soothing. It makes it easier to focus when I’m reading an audio book or watching a movie. I’ve never been a person with lots of anxiety, but the last few years I must admit, it’s been more of an issue. I think living with HPS just does that. How could it not? 

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