Saturday, April 14, 2012

Health Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a health update. It’s not entirely because everything has been okay. It’s more that I’ve just been so busy with more important things. 

Sometimes when you have a chronic health condition, it’s hard to “update.” When I go to the doctor and he asks how I’m doing, I sometimes wonder about how best to answer. The right answer might be “I’m good” or “I’m fine” – but I hate to answer that way because it makes it seem as though nothing is happening on a regular basis. Perhaps the better answer is  - status quo. 

In February and March I’ve had much worse asthma symptoms than I think I remember having in a long time. It’s usual for things to get worse in the Spring. I’m very allergic to grass and to pretty much anything that is green and grows (it seems). 

My asthma isn’t like the asthma of others I’ve known without HPS that share this issue. I don’t have “attacks” exactly. It’s more like I start coughing more than usual. I get short of breath easier than usual with less exertion. Abuderol sometimes helps the cough, but not always and never for four hours as it is supposed to do. 

I’m very grateful that I had my CT and pulmonary function tests in January. They were largely unchanged. Otherwise, I’d probably be much more upset thinking that it was the pulmonary fibrosis advancing. 

Still, anything that affects my lungs – that makes me cough – causes a certain amount of anxiety. It’s a signal that “something” is going on in those lungs, and I’d just assume nothing be “stirred up” that might cause other problems. 

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