Saturday, March 24, 2012

Israel experience for blind/VI youth and young adults

This is another item I'm passing along for anyone who might be interested. 

Israel on the Horizon   Summer Experience in Israel for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth

> summer 2012   Ofek Liyladenu Israel National Association of Parents of Blind and Visually Impaired Children, in conjunction with the Jewish Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem, are planning the first special Israel summer tour program for blind and visually impaired youth, ages 15 to 21. The pilot trip will be for twelve days, combining educational touring throughout the country with outdoor activities and social programs with Israeli youth. The 2012 summer program has reached out to include visually impaired youth from North America, England and Australia.     The Israel experience has always been seen as an essential part of fostering Jewish identity and creating a bond between Jews around the world.  Today, over 300,000 youth, 18 to 26 years old have participated in the Taglit Birthright program, bringing youth from all over the world to Israel for a 10 day educational experience.  Research reflects that this experience is powerful in influencing Jewish identity, a connection to Israel, and solidarity with the Jewish people.   Where Israel once received high ratings as inaccessible to people with disabilities, today the Ministry of Tourism has made great efforts to make tourism more accessible to those with disabilities and tourist companies have sprung up offering accessibe tourism for all ages.    Potential highlights of the trip include: •    Jerusalem’s Old and New cities, including the Western Wall and Jerusalem’s unique markets •     Climbing Masada and swimming in the Dead Sea  • Visit to Bedouin tent and discussion of minorities in Israel  • Neot Kedomim, the biblical landscape reserve  • Sports including goal ball, tandem biking, horseback riding and swimming  •     Meetings with individuals and organizations involved in issues of disability rights in Israel, including Members of Knesset  •  Visit to Israel Defense Force base for a briefing and army experience.  We hope you’ll join us and tell your friends about the program.   For more information, and pre-registration contact:   Bob Fenton:
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