Saturday, March 24, 2012

HPS'ers in NYC

 Heather (me), Jackie, Mike and Yeidyly in New York City. Jackie is such a gift to the HPS Network. She organizes all of our food for the event, and she plays tour guide in the city when a group of us are there. Next to her is Mike from the UK, and Yeidyly, an HPS'er from Puerto Rico who is a dear friend. Not only is Yeidyly an HPS'er, but she's researching HPS as well. 
I got caught! It's a weight watchers vacation! Yes, yes, I know. I've taken a lot of grief about this pic. Yes, I'm working on losing weight, and I am making slow progress. I did, however, take a little diet vacation in NYC. It's just hard to stay on the wagon when you're not only travelling, but having a good time with friends you never get to see! 
 HPS ladies in Central Park! 
 Carmen and Mike at the taping of "the Chew." Some of the HPS'ers got up early to go and be at the filming of this popular food show. I didn't go. My tummy was acting up. I was also just sooo tired. When you go to a taping of a TV show, you can't get up in the middle of filming to go to the bathroom. I wanted to be sure lurch was behaving before I got locked in anywhere without access to a restroom! 
Izzy and Nancy! 

These are some photos from our HPS adventures in NYC. I always like to give credit to the photographer, but honestly, as these pics have made their way around facebook,. it's been hard to tell who they belong to. Thanks to all the HPS'ers sharing photos though! 

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