Monday, February 06, 2012

A Message from Mingo

Last night I spoke with Elsie’s husband and he had some things he wanted me to pass along to all of you.

He wanted to say how grateful he was for the support of the HPS community. He wanted to say thanks to all of you for all that you meant to his wife.

Mingo wants you all to know that he wants to continue to be a part of the HPS community. He considers us extended family, and he doesn’t want us to fall away because Elsie is no longer with us.

He wants to find a way to be involved with the Network to do something to help find better treatments and someday, the cure, in honor of Elsie.

Elsie wanted to be cremated, so that’s what is being done. The family is meeting today to start to plan a memorial service, but it might not take place for a little while. Mingo wants to move his family back to Orlando as soon as possible where they have the support of family and friends.

He wants you all to know how much Elsie loved her HPS family, and how much he loves all of you too.

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