Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scholarship opportunity for an undergrad with albinism

I just got this e-mail from NOAH - the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation. I'm am thrilled to pass it along!

NOAH's Michael J. McGowan Leadership Scholarship Award

2012 Application is now Available!


The Michael J. McGowan Leadership Scholarship Award was established in 2008 on behalf of the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) to recognize leadership and empower young people with albinism. NOAH will award one scholarship annually to a NOAH member with albiism residing in the U.S. or Canada who is enrolled in an undergraduate program at an institution of higher education in the U.S. or Canada. The intent is to enhance educational opportunities for students with albinism while celebrating dedication and outstanding leadership qualities similar to those exhibited by NOAH's current and past leaders. The 2012 scholarship award will be $3,000.


To apply, complete the online application then submit the following:

•Your personal statement (500 words or less)

•An eye report documenting a diagnosis of albinism

•At least two (2) letters of recommendation from non-family members

•Your academic transcript (including SAT/ACT scores, if applicable)

•A letter of acceptance to or proof of enrollment at an institution of higher learning


Application materials for the 2012 McGowan Scholarship must be RECEIVED by May 1, 2012.

Send all application materials to:

NOAH McGowan Scholarship

PO Box 959

East Hampstead, NH 03826-0959

Fax: 800-648-2310

Email: scholarship@albinism.org


Please contact NOAH's Scholarship Committee with any questions at scholarship@albinism.org or 800-473-2310 (U.S. and Canada).

Applicants will receive notification of the award committee's decision on or around June 1, 2012.


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