Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Health update: CT scan

This past Monday I went to have an annual CT scan of my lungs. At my age, it’s routine for Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome. I’m almost afraid to say it where anyone can hear, but I really haven’t felt much trouble in the lung department. I even managed to avoid the usual respiratory infections I get like clockwork in November/December.

Maybe not being around as many people helps.

I don’t yet have the results from the CT scan. I probably won’t for a few weeks.

This time, however, they had me do something a bit different than other CT scans I’ve had before. They had me breathe in, then breathe out, and then hold my breath. In the past it’s been breath in, and hold it.

Well, when there isn’t any air in your lungs, it really is hard to hold your breath for very long! It seemed like forever until the voice from the other room commanded “breathe.” I was turning blue!

I’m not sure if this was how it was supposed to work, or if the tech was forgetting to tell me I could breathe again. I must confess I never got to “breathe” without already taking it upon myself to take a little air. I couldn’t help it.

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