Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gerda has arrived

Yesterday mom and I finally got topick up Gerda. She's younger than we thought she was at only seven weeks old. Such a baby! She's so tiny. She can crawl inside my shoe and be quite content. She's so tiny that she gets cold, but none of the extra small doggie jackets we bought her fit. So, just like an infant, she spends much of her time wrapped up or playing in her blankets. Potty training is probably a few weeks off. Developmentally, she's just not ready. But, so far she's only had one accident. We seem to be getting her to the puppy pads in time. I'm so glad we bought some, even though we didn't plan to use them.

Gerda is a cuddle bug. She wants to be held constantly. Her favorite spot seems to be  around our necks right under our chins.

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