Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving is a family health opportunity!

It’s just around the corner! Time to eat lots and lots of turkey and cranberry, stuffing and pie, and then sink into a nice big, comfy chair, unfasten your pants, and moan softly in total Thanksgiving bliss. It’s time to watch football and parades on TV, express our gratitude for the important things in our lives, and share those memorable family stories.

It can also be a time to capture valuable information about your family’s health history. Family lore isn’t just important to help us understand our families and where we’ve come from; it can also be a valuable preventative health tool. Don’t let such a golden opportunity slip away. While the family is recovering from that second piece of pumpkin pie, take a little time to ask relatives questions about what they remember about relatives that have gone before us. Record the information as clues that could help your doctor make a future diagnosis that could save you, your children, or future generations. Here’s a Website that offers some tools on just how to do this:

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