Saturday, November 26, 2011

Genetic testing for albinism in India

The Indian Genetic Disease Database (IGDD), run by the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, is willing to offer free genetic testing and accommodations to people with albinism in India, or those in the region able to travel to the Institute. The genetic testing will not only help those with albinism learn what type affects them, but it will also help to further research about albinism in India. Patients will also receive genetic counseling.

Those in India unable to travel to the Institute may still obtain genetic testing if they ban together. The Institute is willing to send a team to collect samples if five or more people with albinism in the same place wish to be tested.

The Institute is also able to test for known HPS genes. Electron Microscope screening for HPS may also be available. For more information, contact Siddharth Sawhney at:

USA: 1 302.781.1010 x 701266
UK: +44.870.850.3512 x 701266
India Cell: +91 9810076568.

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