Friday, November 18, 2011

December HPS Parent and Supporters call - Higher Bowel Awareness!

Put it on your calendar now! Our HPS parent call the first week of December will be about "Higher Bowel Awareness: Coping with the Crohn's of Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome." This will not be a session with medical professionals. Rather, we'll have a panel of HPS'ers living with bowel disease to answer questions from HPS parents, supporters, spouses, partners or friends. This is NOT a call for those with HPS. It's a chance for our supporters to ask questions they might not want to ask in front of us. What have you ever wanted to know about living with bowel disease or about living with an ostomy? All questions are fair game for our panel of poopologists. The English language call will be 8:30 eastern time on Tuesday Dec. 6th and the Spanish language call will be at 7:30 eastern time on Wednesday Dec. 7th. Information about how to call in will follow.

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Kathryn said...


I may be interested in helping with this phone conference since I've had much experience with the bowel part of HPS.