Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tired, tired – go away!

Today is Thursday and I feel the best I’ve felt all week. This week I’ve really battled the fatigue. I feel like I could sleep all the time and am fighting to stay awake. Tuesday night I went to bed early for me, around 10:00 pm, slept with the CPAP all night, and didn’t even stir until 11:00 am the next morning.

My arms and legs feel like someone has put weights on them, so every little thing feels as though it requires more effort.

I’ve been putting in long hours for the HPS Network. We have so many exciting things going on, so I thought maybe I just needed a day off. I planned not to work yesterday and instead focus on my laundry, housework etc. All I managed to do was sleep and watch a little TV. I don’t remember much of what I watched though because I kept falling asleep!

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