Sunday, October 02, 2011

More pics from the 2011 HPS Network New York Conference

 I have to admit, I'm blanking on the names here. These two ladies are from a school for nursing in Puerto Rico. They came to the conference because they wanted to learn more about HPS so they could develop materials to teach nursing students.
 This is Dennis, one of our awesome HPS Network volunteers. Not only does Dennis help out with the Christmas concert etc. in Oyster Bay, but he's one of the people that runs back and forth to the airports during conference to pick everyone up, and take them back to the airport. He always gets assigned to "play a role" at the Saturday night dinner. Last year we made him wear tights and dress up as Superman. This year, we had a red carpet (the theme was "the Oscars") and we took photos and interviewed people as they came down the red carpet into the dinner. Dennis was the interviewer. He got to wear a tux for this!
 Here Dennis is interviewing Brenda. I always say this when I post a photo of Brenda, but I do because I know she doesn't mind. Brenda has HPS. She's a perfect example of how people with HPS may not look like they have albinism.

 Guess who? Yep, it's me on the red carpet.
And here is Chris (from the UK), Fran and Karen on the red carpet!

Yes, I still have a TON of photos from our last conference. I'd quit posting them for a bit, but now it's time to start getting excited about this coming March!

Photos are by Tommy Tillman!

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