Friday, October 28, 2011

Health update

This has been a much better week health wise. I'm way overdo for my blood work and my flu shot. Naughty me!

It seems the trouble I was  having last week and some of the week before was a tummy virus. It just took me longer to kick it than usual.

This week my energy levels have been better. I've slept better than usual too.

I haven't had any code browns until today (two so far). I hope that's it as finally the skin is looking really good! A few more, and I'll start having trouble again just from having to remove the pouch so often. I was, of course, not home this morning when I had the first code brown. I had liquid output, so it was a bad one, running down my leg and getting on my pants. Thankfully, I wasn't too far from home. It's cold today too, so I put my jacket around me and headed home as fast as I could walk. I don't think anyone noticed - fingers crossed.

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