Thursday, October 20, 2011

Health Update: The stomach bug

It’s been more ups and downs in my medical life as of late. Currently, I think the culprit is a stomach bug – at least I hope it’s that simple.

I’ve had a few nights of throwing up, followed by days of extreme fatigue and joint pain, and an on-and-off fever of around 100. The strange thing is I have a day or two like this, then feel absolutely great for a day or two, and then it seems to come back.

Today I feel great, so I’m hoping we’re finally rid of this bug for good this time!

It’s also been a bad code brown stretch the last seven days. I’ve used a month’s worth of supplies and am worried Medicare will give me a hassle when I have to order more because I’ve gone through them so quickly. They are not likely to understand the implications of having a bleeding disorder coupled with an ostomy. Sometimes things just aren’t the same for me as they would be for another ostomy patient.

The ulcers are actually much improved. Instead, it’s the surgical type area that’s the problem right now. Taking off the pouches so often is like ripping off a band-aid over and over. It damages the skin.

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