Thursday, September 22, 2011

HPS'ers taking on New York City!

Last year, after the HPS Conference, several of us went on a sight-seeing trip of New York City. After the conference, I started posting pics from that trip. As time went on; however, I got busy and never got to finish posting pics from the HPS Conference, or the HPS "playdate in NYC" and now even the HPS Conference in Puerto Rico. A girl can keep trying though! 
 Candice and Crystal sharing some excellent New York cheese cake - yummy!
 I love this pic. Here are Ashley and Mervin on the train. And there's good old mom poking her head through the crack of the seat to say hello! I think it's a stitch!
 Awe, the couple themselves!
 I love this pic of Candice and Crystal. We're visiting NBC and they're sitting in front of a window looking over the ice rink in NYC.
 And here's our friend Michael from the UK! We went to this restaurant that was sort of like a haunted house. Mike has quite the sense of humor! Here's he's kissing one of the decorations.
 This is Yeidyly at the same restaurant sitting in a mock electric chair. Mike made her do it! Ha ha ha
 Just a good city shot.
This is Donna and Mike walking down the street in NYC. The New Yorkers so loved me walking down the street backwards to get that shot! Not!

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