Thursday, September 08, 2011

HPS Network Puerto Rico generates press coverage

The HPS Network Puerto Rico was covered by a number of media outlets in the weeks leading up to the HPS Puerto Rico Conference on Caguas. Not only did the coverage help promote the conference, but representatives of the Network were able to use the coverage to educate the general public about HPS.

The media coverage was kicked off by an appearance by Ivette Vazquez and Yeidyly Vergne on Radio Hits 1250 am. The show is co-hosted by Yary Rivera, a member of the HPS Network.

Univision Puerto Rico News covered HPS and the conference in a two-day report. Dr. Enid Rivera (Hematologist), Ricardo Rangel (President of HPS Network PR, Inc.), Ricardo Rangel Jr., Germán Acevedo, Yary Rivera, Milca Lopez, Daniel Jimenez, Learsy Martínez and Yeidyly Vergne appeared in the report to talk about HPS and the conference.

Finally, HPS and the conference were featured on two different local TV programs on Puerto Rico channel 13 (“Tele-Oro”), “En Cuerpo y Alma” hosted by Dr. Natalio Isquerdo (Ophthalmologist) and “Ellas y sus noches”.

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