Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Update

True to my new plan, here’s the medical update for the week.

It was a week ups and downs. On the whole, I felt good. I only had “bowel issues” two days this week. They had more to do with the frequency of visiting the “throne room” than anything else. I didn’t have any cramps. Despite these problems, I only had one severe fatigue day yesterday.

It was more likely due to a rough night Wednesday/Thursday than anything else. For some reason, my acid reflux was particularly bad that night. Even with the pressure of the CPAP (which eventually had to be abandoned that night because of coughing), stuff was “coming up.” I can’t imagine what triggered it. I didn’t eat late and hadn’t eaten anything that I know is bad for my reflux.

Code browns were a bit of a problem this week. I had one leak in public and had to beat a fast retreat home. Thankfully, I was only a few blocks from home. Had I been farther, I might have been in real trouble. On another day I had four leaks and was afraid to leave the house. It isn’t so much feeling sick or being in pain as it is pure annoyance. (And of course, going through three weeks of ostomy supplies in a single day isn’t cheap!)

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