Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrating a transplant!

Photo by Tommy Tillman - Nancy (in the red) and her daughter Jessica.

Our facebook and twitter followers, as well as our Yahoo! group members, are already in the loop about this, but I have to brag!

Nancy Lee, a long-time member of the HPS Network Board of Directors and a long-time member of NOAH, got her lung transplant this past Friday evening. It’s the eighth HPS lung transplant that I’m aware of, although they are getting to be so common now, perhaps there have been more!
Nancy and I were both in the HPS Pirfenidone study for the pulmonary fibrosis of HPS at NIH. I’ve known her for years. She’s always been an inspiration to many HPS’ers because she’s always been so healthy.
Even as her lungs began to fail, Nancy remained a go-getter! She’s continuing the trend making it off the vent and out of ICU in record time!

She’s having a bit of trouble with the swallowing test today, but I’m sure that will be quickly overcome. Nancy still has a VERY LONG road to go. Getting new lungs isn’t exactly like replacing worn out parts in your car! Still, we can’t help but celebrate this gift of life!

Go Nancy!!!!!

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