Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vote for Roselle, a dog hero

I'm passing this along from a friend:

Less Than One Week To Go

Hi all,

You may recall last month I sent you an email explaining that the guide dog

who was with me in the World Trade Center, Roselle, had been nominated for

an American Dog Hero as part of a contest put on by the American Humane

Association. Roselle is well in the running for the American Humane

Association Dog Hero of the Year award. She leads the guide dog pack and

can win the grand prize award as well. Although Roselle past away last

month she is still eligible to win and would be a good representative not

only for guide dogs, but for all of us as a way to help emphasize that blind

people can be anywhere and can work in the world just like light dependent


Please visit the following web site and help us push Roselle to victory.


Here is the address to vote for Roselle. Simply login or create an account

and then vote for her. You can vote once a day from each email address

until the end of July.


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“Speaking with Vision”

Michael Hingson, President

(415) 827-4084


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