Sunday, May 08, 2011

The UnMother’s Day

Today was a special day for moms across the world, but for me it was just another day.

I called my mom and wished her a happy day. I had found the perfect Mother’s Day card actually, one that is perfect for an inside joke between us, but I hadn’t sent it because she will soon be moving, and I fear with the slow mail service it would just get lost.

Otherwise, I spent the day making it a point to avoid Mother’s Day. It isn’t that I have any hostility to the day, or don’t wish mothers everywhere well; rather for me it’s a day that more than most reminds me that I don’t have children, and likely never will.

For years this idea was especially painful. With time, I’ve adjusted to it. God has his plans, and honestly, I don’t know how some of the moms with HPS, chronic health problems and small children do it. I marvel at them! They are truly amazing and much under appreciated by the rest of the world.

Yet, if I were one of them, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do now for the HPS Network. I’m sure I wouldn’t have the energy, never mind the time.

Still, on days like this, I can’t help but feel a tinge of self pity as a little salt gets thrown into a long festering, and finally healing wound.

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