Tuesday, May 03, 2011

HPS’ers show off for doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

A small group of HPS’ers showed off their skin and eyes for physicians attending the 88th Annual Dermatology Conference at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Carlos Nieves, Carmen Camacho and Frankie Feliciano all attended the event.
The conference gave a variety of disorders related to the skin an opportunity to educate physicians about life with each condition. The HPS group proudly told more than 200 physicians about how to spot nystagmus. They showed off their varying skin tones to illustrate how people with albinism can look very different than the general public imagines. They also explained what makes HPS different from other types of albinism.
The group handed out pens and brochures to the doctors as well. “We got a lot of interest,” says Carmen Camacho, “We met several doctors who said they have patients with HPS too. We hope they’ll pass along those brochures.”

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