Thursday, May 19, 2011

The D Word – Development

Development is a classy word for fundraising – and let’s face it -no one likes this task. Yet to find the cure for Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome, there is probably no task that anyone can do in service of the cure with more importance.

Very little can happen without funding. The office cannot run without funding. The HPS patient registry cannot run without funding. The conference, even if everyone paid full freight for the experience (and no one does because we subsidize the costs), can’t happen without funding. Most importantly, the biggest thing restricting research into better treatments, and someday a cure, is funding.

As federal agencies charged with medical research find their budgets slashed, and as private medical research foundations find themselves with more demands on them as a result, funding is more critical than ever!

I’m sharing a link to an article below. It is designed for people who serve on the board of directors for non-profits. It’s about how to get your entire board involved with “development.”

Yes, I shared it with the board, but I’m also sharing it with you. While development is a task of board membership, it isn’t – and cannot be – the sole responsibility of the board. It’s up to all of us! None of us likes asking for money – me included. Perhaps this article will give you a few ideas that might make the task a little less painful.

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