Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charlotte Gray

This is a movie I found on instant play on Netflix. It’s a nice little romance with a somewhat complicated plot. Charlotte Gray is a Scottish woman living in World War II London. She speaks French very well and gets recruited to be a spy working with the French underground.

Before she leaves England, she falls in love with a British pilot. Just as she’s about to set out on her mission, she finds out his plane went down over France. Suddenly her mission is more complicated than relaying intelligence. She wants to find her love, who she hopes has taken refuge with the underground.

Her plans to find her lost love get complicated, however, when the French family that has taken her in and provided her cover story rescues two Jewish boys whose parents have been taken away to the camps in Germany. She has to choose whether to look for the love, or save the boys.

By the end, things become even more complicated with a new love interest.

It was a nice little flick. I don’t remember too many, if any, adult scenes. I guess if they’re there, they didn’t make an impression on my memory. Still, the movie probably wouldn’t appeal to younger viewers because the story line gets complicated.

I give it three and a half out of five spoons.

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