Monday, April 18, 2011

Post conference play date in NYC

 Candice and Crystal on the Long Island Rail Road - their first train trip. Of course I had to take a photo to document the occassion! Grin!

 Part of the HPS gang on the NYC subway. I love these pics! It's Yeidyly, Ashley, Mervin, and Chris.

 It's our friend Mike from the UK!
 This is a funny low-vision moment. I noticed these people in the balcony taking pictures. Feeling a little noticable standing around with a big group of people withi albinism, I thought they were taking photos of us. Naturally, I found it a bit rude and decided to take photos of them back. I failed to notice the HUGE herd of elephants on display behind us. It was kind of dark in there! I guess I'm really not the center of the universe! Evil Grin!
These are some photos from our post-conference play date in New York City. The first day it was pretty rainy, so we went to the Natural History Museum. I have never seen so many people in a museum! It's good to see so many people want to learn about natural history, but it was very crowded.

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