Monday, April 18, 2011

Appell and Hernandez perform at Children’s Inn Gala

Ashley Appell and Mervin Hernandez, two adults with HPS, performed at the recent Children’s Inn Gala Benefit hosted by AFCEA Bethesda chapter, an organization of those with an interest in government information technology issues.

Ashley sang while Mervin played the sax. The duo received a standing ovation from the 900 guests at the event. Donna Appell, Ashley’s mom and President of the HPS Network, also was able to speak about the role the Inn has played in the lives of the Appell family for more than a decade.

Ashley began staying at the Inn when she was six years old. Today she is 24 years old.

Since it was founded, the Inn has hosted more than 10,000 kids and their families while they sought treatment and participated in research at the NIH. It provides a kid and family-friendly atmosphere that makes a trip to the NIH fun.

The event raised more than $675,000 for the Inn.

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