Friday, March 25, 2011

Stuffing the registration packets

 Getting ready to stuff the packets - all 250 of them!

Mike tries to spice up a boring job by making it a race!

This year I didn't take any photos of the mounds and mounds of stuff we haul to the hotel to run the conference. I've taken them before - old news. This year instead I took some photos of the team stuffing the registration packets. We were running behind on this and were stuffing right up until the moment we left the house.

Mike and his brother James came from the UK to attend the conference. They got a kind of baptism by fire. They had to travel quite a way just to get their flight, so by the time they arrived at Donna's, they'd been traveling more than 40 hours.

We hugged them, greeted them, sent them to bed for a nap, got them up a few hours later (got to adjust to the time change) fed them and put them to work stapling, photo copying and stuffing packets. I was very impressed with their willingness to just jump in without any complaint, even though I know they must have been tired and sore, to help us in our time crunch. We wouldn't have made the deadline without them!

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