Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HPS Network board meeting

Here are a few pics from the HPS Network board meeting. As we often do at our in-person board meetings, we invite folks whose help we need in our work. Our board is unique among those that I've served on because we are fluid and informal. No one hangs much on ceremony or titles - everyone present is welcome to contribute. We intentionally look for people who are passionate about the cause, but humble. They are the kind of people who are interested in the work and who don't care about what they are called. They don't seek out leadership or title, they just rise to the occassion and it never even occurs to them to seek credit, even when it is much deserved and should be given. In some ways, the board is for outsiders who need to understand  some sort of structure. We try to limit it's size for financial reasons and have people who are representative of different parts of the HPS community, or whose professional experience is useful for strategic planning and management. We, however, internally are more interested in the cure and what we've got to do to move that cause forward.

This meeting was mostly about our online activities. Two of the main take aways - or at least the ones that stuck with me as being important, are revamping our Website to be more internationally welcoming and creating some sort of system for members to run fundraisers online. Websites should never be static things anyway.

So, you'll likely see some changes to the Website in the coming months.

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