Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting to know you - Friday afternoon at the HPS/CHS Conference

 Getting to know our friends from the HPS Association in Japan.
 Here's Randy. Randy deserves a prize! He came from Puerto Rico for the conference and he did everything right. He got funding together, registered in advance, made his hotel and flight arrangements and double-checked on everything. He was just very on top of it! I was so glad to see Randy again, even though I can't speak with him easily because I don't speak Spanish.

 I love this pic. It's Carmen hugging Letty. Friday afternoon is always filled with a lot of hugging as friends who haven't seen each other all year reunite.
 More hugging! Everyone in this pic, except for Karen, was a first-timer. I love to watch first-timers at conference. Often it's a life changing experience. For many, it's the first time they've ever spent time with others that have albinism, let alone HPS. Many come away with a more positive outlook on their HPS and, I hope, better equipped to handle those bumps in the road that come up for us all.

The guy in the blue hat is Wilson. He's one of our lung transplant success stories!

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