Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some new artwork

I know I promised I'd try to post more first-person, thoughtful posts. I meant it. I want to blog more. The trouble is this year's conference is probably the most complex conference we've organized to date. It's taking a lot of time.

Honestly, when I get a little down time, I'm having a hard time being enthusiastic about sitting in front of the computer.

Instead, I want to paint.

I'm experimenting a lot with style - and have been for the last year. I love the French Impressionists. I want to loosen up a bit and use some of the vibrant colors they do. I'm not sure I'm 100 percent happy with the results so far, but hey, it takes time to perfect these things.

These are two paintings I've done since Christmas.


Deon said...

Nice! Very Nice.
I do art myself. Yours stile is very colorful. Vary impressive. Thanks for sharing

Deon said...

Nice! Very nice
I do art myself, Your work is very colorful
Thanks for sharing Eddie.