Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where did the old Heather go?

Long time blog readers might remember that several years ago this blog was a different sort of place. It was much less community bulletin board and much more experiences and heart and soul.

I suppose there are a number of reasons for this. My life as an HPS’er has changed a lot in recent years. Less and less of my HPS life involves strictly me. More and more of it involves my friendships with fellow HPS’ers, thus sometimes it might be hard for me express an experience or feeling without betraying a confidence.

My role has changed too. Now that I no longer work full time, I’ve become more heavily involved in the administrative work of the HPS Network. When I wake up in the morning there are often many things to do on my list that seem more important than blogging.

I’m also very mindful of who might stumble across this page on any given day. What if, for example, I have a bad or dark day, and that’s the same day that a newly diagnosed person stumbles across this page. We all have those moments in life – HPS or not – but context is everything. One of the dangers of a blog is unless you’re a regular reader, context can be missed.

Still, there was value to the personal experience, and I miss the self reflection, even if never a soul reads it. I’m going to try to make more time for it in the coming weeks.

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