Monday, January 03, 2011

More of Christmas at the Kirkwood house

Note the star on the top of the Christmas tree. There's a story behind this. Poor Ryan grew up in a household with two girls. Whenever anything was put to a family vote, he got out-voted by the girl vote.

Every year there was a debate about which tree topper to use. Mom and I favored the angel, but Ryan had strong feelings about the star. Ryan always lost.

When I had my own tree, I put a bow on the top. The reason (besides the fact I happen to like it) is that the top of my tree won't support the weight of my angel tree topper. Ryan still wanted the star, but his big sister vetoed it.

Now Ryan has his own house with Sara and his own tree - and he wanted a star topper! Sara had a lovely angel tree topper, but love won the day. One day Sara came home with a little present for Ryan - a star tree topper. Ryan was thrilled!

It was so cute.

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