Saturday, January 22, 2011

Information about summer opportunity for blind/low vision high school students

Once again, I'm just passing this information along.

It is cold outside, so it is time to start thinking about summer fun and Blind Industries and Services of Maryland Independence 2011!

Last year Independence 2010 was a great success and this year it is going to be even better.

Independence 2011 is a seven-week residential program where blind and low vision youth entering into the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in the fall of 2011 will have the opportunity to learn the nonvisual skills of blindness from successful blind instructors. We will return to the campus of Towson University, where students will live in apartments with their blind adult instructors/mentors and learn how to manage their own apartment, cook, clean, grocery shop, manage money, wash clothes, to name just a few things. Not only will students of the seven-week residential program learn the skills of blindness through classes such as cane travel, Braille, computer/technology, and independent living (Home Ec.) but they are going to be able to gain that much needed resume builder – paid employment. With these economic times, who doesn’t need a little extra spending money? Students will have the opportunity to work a total of 30-40 hours in the community during the last two weeks of the program.

Independence 2011 is going to attend the national convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Orlando, FL and participate in the National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam and we can’t forget spend a day having fun in Disney World. Then, there are the times that we explore Baltimore, Towson, visit our Nation’s capital, attend an O’s game, go swimming, check out a movie or two and we can’t forget those evenings of playing cards until the wee hours of morning.

Sound fun!?! You better believe it!

Dates: June 19 - August 5, 2011

For information about Independence 2011 please email me at or call 410-737-2642.

Warm regards,

Amy C. Phelps

Amy C. Phelps, CRC, NOMC

Check out information about our summer youth program: Independence 2011

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"...given proper training and opportunity, the average blind person can do the average job in the average place of business and do it as well as his or her sighted neighbor..." Freedom for the Blind, James H. Omvig

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